This may surprise you, but chicory inulin is also the perfect ingredient for savory applications. Imagine your product such as meat, pasta, noodles, ready meals, soups and sauces with lower fat and/or sugar and added fiber. Consumers increasingly want healthy, convenient, safe meat products. Inulin brings a pleasant fat-mimicking mouthfeel and a better texture to fat-reduced processed meats.

Next to being used in meat products to replace fat, it helps provide mouthfeel, juiciness and increases the freshness perception of plant based meat replacers.

Chicory inulin makes it possible to easily increase the fiber content of pasta products without affecting the traditional taste and texture. This is in sharp contrast to whole meal pasta, which looks and tastes entirely different. But the benefits of chicory inulin do not stop at fiber enrichment – adding Frutafit® inulin to pasta dough has processing benefits as it acts as a lubricant in the pasta machine.

Because noodles are a popular staple food, particularly in Asia, they provide an excellent opportunity to promote a healthier lifestyle by increasing the intake of dietary fiber and helping control body weight. Sensus can help you to develop fiber-enriched noodles without losing the original noodle taste.

Prepackaged meals can be fortified with chicory inulin as source of fiber or as a prebiotic. Chicory inulin can also be used for technological reasons, as a water binder or fat replacer.

Chicory inulin can enrich the fiber content of soups, sauces and seasonings. It can also be used to replace sugar in ‘red’ sauces, like ketchup and tomato sauce, and to reduce the fat content of ‘white’ sauces, such as mayonnaise and carbonara sauce.