Infant & young children nutrition

We all know that mother’s milk is best for babies. It is very nutritious generally, but perhaps more importantly, it is full of healthy bacteria which will help build up the baby’s intestinal microflora. Healthier intestinal flora means better digestion and a stronger immune system. Chicory inulin, a dietary fiber with a neutral taste profile, closely resembles the prebiotic compounds found in mother’s milk and, as many studies have shown, chicory inulin supplementation provides many of the benefits of breastfeeding to formula fed babies. Given this, it is easy to see why chicory inulin is increasingly used in the infant and young children nutrition segment.

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breast feeding during the first 6 months and continued breast feeding thereafter for as long as possible. Inulin within complementary infant/follow on formula or young child formula improves the intestinal microflora of babies and small children, mimicking the prebiotic effect of mother’s milk.

Understandably, the infant nutrition segment is highly regulated. Sensus chicory inulin satisfies all the strict requirements imposed on manufacturers. And Sensus closely monitors developments in the baby food market in order to continually satisfy these quality requirements.