Frutafit® inulin and Frutalose® oligofructose are prebiotic, soluble dietary fibers with texturizing properties and a great taste that provide added health benefits. Frutafit® comprises a range of powdered inulin products with different technological properties. Frutalose® is partially hydrolyzed inulin: oligofructose. Both powders and liquids have similar nutritional and health properties.

With these innovative ingredients, we believe that we can make the world a little healthier by helping you develop value-added products, ones that meet the growing consumer demand for healthy and tasty food and beverages worldwide.

Legal status of inulin

Frutafit® inulin and Frutalose® oligofructose are recognized as dietary fibers by the FDA. They are classified as ingredients, not additives and have no E-numbers. In the United States, Frutafit® and Frutalose® have GRAS* status: Generally Recognized As Safe.

The full range of chicory inulin and oligofructose products qualifies as natural according to ISO/TS 19657:2017. Chicory root fiber is the first dietary fiber to achieve this verification.
Our products are non-GMO, gluten free and vegan.


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