Visit us at SCIFT in California

March 3, 2023

Next week - March 9th - our Sensus America team will attend the SCIFTs Suppliers Night Expo 2023 in Garden Grove, California. They will tell you all bout the the versatility of our plant-based chicory inulin and Tendra Fava Protein Isolate.

Chicory root fiber (inulin) is a soluble fiber that naturally grows as part of the chicory plant. The fiber has a substantial of strong science supporting benefits for human health. Moreover, it has characteristics that can improve the technical properties of the food. Inulin has many benefits like increasing a better digestive health and immunity. It can result in a better weight management and taste and texture for your applications. We are dedicated to helping our customers develop tasty food products that contribute to healthier lives inspired by inulin. As the food industry undergoes its sweeping changes, we should build together on a healthier future. We believe in chicory inulin to contribute to consumer health.

Together with our colleagues of Cosun Protein we will inspire you by the taste and possibilities of chicory root fiber and Tendra protein. Join us at the SCIFT in California and visit us at booth #2118 in the Royal Ballroom and be inspired by our plant-based products!

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