Team Sensus at FIE 2019

Good mental health is as important to our overall well-being and health as any physical condition. Research has been showing that lifestyle, especially diet and exercise, is a key approach to prevent and manage mental health. 

The gut microbiota has been subject of research indicating that increased dietary fiber can influence mood and behavior by changing the composition of these bacteria and producing SCFAs. Sensus chicory inulin is a dietary fiber, which can stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria and SCFA production in the human gut and is thus a viable approach to influence mental health.

Chicory inulin is the ingredient that inspires us at Sensus. We will be present at the Food Ingredients Europe in Paris (FR), December 3-5, 2019. Visit our booth #6E110 to share ideas about chicory root fiber, microbiome modulation and sugar reduced, clean label solutions. Come and try our incredibly tasty sugar reduced stroopwaffles!

At FIE 2019 Sensus will provide a 25-minute seminar about the plant-based prebiotic chicory root fiber and microbiome modulation. Join us!

Date: Tuesday December 3rd
Time: 15h05  - 15h30
Location: Supplier Solution Theatre



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