Plant-based applications with chicory inulin

January 27, 2023

The plant-based trend is hard to be missed, it has been topping trend lists for several years now. Plant-based alternatives can be found in a lot of different categories, varying from food to cosmetics. It is reasonably safe to say: plant-based is here to stay. Nearly all consumers are willing to accept more plants in processed products. Research shows that this consumer interest in plant-based diets unleashed an enormous amount of innovation and developments in the food industry.

The expectation of the consumers is leading in these developments as they are not willing to compromise on taste. Chicory inulin is a versatile plant-based ingredient which is easy to use in plant-based products and suitable for sugar and / or fat reduction without compromising on the sensory experience that consumers seek.

Would you like more information about our plant-based ingredient and the possibilities in plant-based products? Contact one of our Sales Managers or download the paper.

Download the paper: Plant-based alternatives - applications with chicory inulin

Download the paper:

Plant-based alternatives: applications with chicory inulin

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