HFSS regulations for England

March 23, 2023

Last year, the UK introduced the High Fat, Sugar or Salt (HFSS) regulations for Engeland. This policy aims to restrict the promotion of foods and drinks high in fat, sugar, or salt. It is part of the Government’s plans to halve childhood obesity by 2030, as obesity is one of the biggest health problems the country faces.

Products that are high in fat, sugar or salt will face promotional restrictions by location and volume price. This means that these products can no longer be promoted at store entrances, aisle ends and checkouts and their online equivalents (e.g. entry pages, shopping baskets, or payment pages). Restrictions regarding volume price prohibit stores to offer promotions such as “buy-one-get-one-free” or “3 for 2” which come into force 1st October 2023.

The HFSS scoring objectively classifies a product as being less or more healthy. For manufacturers this can offer possibilities to improve the composition of their products and improve the HFSS classification. Chicory root fibers Frutafit® inulin and Frutalose® oligofructose are ingredients from natural origin which are able to improve nutritional values and improve the HFSS scoring of a broad range of food applications. Chicory root fiber is a functional food ingredient that can replace sugar and fat while increasing the fiber level; all without compromising taste or mouthfeel.

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Reduce High Fat, Sugar or Salt (HFSS) with chicory inulin or oligofructose

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