New corporate style for Sensus

January 14, 2021

The power of plants, that is what our new logo represents. And we believe in that like no other. Inspired by inulin: that is our vision. We acknowledge the power of our plant, chicory, and see how inulin (i.e. chicory root fiber) makes the world healthier and is becoming increasingly important.

The power of plants

Plants produce important nutrients that we need to live a healthy life. More and more people are familiar with these nutrients. As a result, we make more conscious choices, eat healthier and have a more balanced lifestyle. Consumers are also more aware of the effect of food on the environment and want to make a positive contribution to the world. Plant-based food and ingredients are therefore becoming more popular. And not only because of that. The prebiotic dietary fiber inulin that we extract from chicory root improves the intestinal microbiome in a natural way, boosts your immunity and stimulates your general wellbeing. That is the power of plants.

Chicory inulin

We believe in the power of chicory. This plant stores the dietary fiber inulin in its roots. We extract the inulin from the roots with the use of water. This ingredient knows many applications and is for example applied in food products, supplements and pet food. Inulin replaces sugar and fat and enriches food products with fiber. With its neutral to sweet taste, inulin is used to make tasty and healthy food products. Less known but just as important is that inulin has a prebiotic effect and stimulates the good bacteria in your intestines. A healthy intestinal flora, also known as the microbiome, has beneficial effects on your immunity, mental health and general well-being. The chicory root is the plant that inspires us. Because we believe that inulin contributes to a healthier world.

A new logo and new style

The logo consists of a leaf and the sun. The sun is the universal symbol for energy and gives plants strength. We believe that this power is infinite and we are constantly looking for new possibilities to get the most out of our plants.

The new logo reflects the power of chicory and the new corporate style underlines our ambition to make the world healthier with chicory inulin.

Plant-based and healthy future

Sensus is part of the agro-industrial cooperative Royal Cosun. Cosun's vision ‘The Plant Positive Way’ fits perfectly with the Sensus vision. To spread this vision even more as one, Sensus is adopting Cosun's corporate style. This gives us a recognizable connection with each other. Together with we work on a plant-based and healthy future.

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