Innovation for future proof cultivation of chicory

April 11, 2024

At Sensus, we continue to focus on improving the chicory cultivation for a future proof sustainable chain. Seed embedding technology (SET) is one of the innovations to improve the emergence of the crop. A technology contributing to a consistent, cost-effective and sustainable growing method.

How does it work?
Single chicory seeds are taped on paper strips, with an exact spacing between each seed. By using the strips, all seeds are planted at the same depth in the ground. Besides precision planting of the seeds, the tape extracts water out of the soil which the seeds uses to grow. This technology leads to early plant growth and better and more uniform emergence of the crop. Last week the first chicory seeds were sown with this innovative seed embedding technology.


The technology is an invention of the startup S+dB. In close collaboration with this start-up Sensus is testing this technology with on-field trials.


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