Fiber intake & fiber gap

February 24, 2023

Not many consumers know the amount of fiber that is recommended to be consumed daily. The actual fiber intake is even lower than the recommendation. This difference between the recommendation and the actual fiber intake is also known as the ‘fiber gap’. There are several ways to increase your fiber intake and products with chicory inulin can for sure support.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends consuming 25g of fiber each day. European countries have developed local guidelines that range from 25 to 40 g/day for adults. However, on average, actual intakes for adult males in Europe range from 18 to 24g/day and for females from 16 to 20g/day, with little variation from one European country to another. Unfortunately, none of the countries reach the recommended daily intakes.

Sensus result US consumer survey 2022 - fiber intake

According to Sensus US consumer survey more than half of the US consumers indicated that they probably do not eat enough fiber. Only 3% of the participants knew the recommended daily intake (RDI) of fiber. In the US, 14 g/day of fiber is recommended for every 1000 kcal ingested, this translates to 28 g/day. The average American is only consuming a little over half of this daily recommended requirement. The Sensus 2022 Consumer Survey reflects this attitude with 86% of respondents saying that they do not know the RDI for fiber.

Fiber gap 
Closing the fiber gap is essential. Research shows that lack of fiber in the diet can dramatically impact the gut and overall health. Prebiotic fiber is critical to fuel ‘good’ bacterial growth needed for a healthy gut microbiome. These good bacteria and the organic acids they produce are associated with all kinds of processes inside your body - like your digestion, immune system, and maybe even your brain function. 

To narrow the fiber gap, chicory inulin offers the opportunity to increase the fiber content of products like cereals, snacks and bakery products, without negatively effecting the appearance or sensory properties. We see more and more of these products with a high/added fiber claim being introduced in countries such as the UK, Germany, and France: a good step towards narrowing the fiber gap.

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