Visitors HIE 2014 love the great taste of inulin sugar- and calorie-reduced ice cream

The Health Ingredients Europe was held December 2-4 2014 in Amsterdam. Sensus was present with a booth.  This was a great opportunity for a sensory test on sugar-reduced ice cream (with inulin) and calorie-reduced ice cream (with inulin and stevia).  

An overwhelming amount of 391 visitors participated in our sensory test. Two ice creams were presented for tasting and a preference was asked. Both ice creams were found equally good by our visitors. In follow-up questions our spontaneous sensory panel was asked to guess if they tasted a standard ice cream, a sugar-reduced ice cream, a fat-reduced ice cream, a sugar- and fat-reduced ice cream, or something else. In addition, our visitor panel was given the opportunity to note down spontaneous remarks.

A significant number of over 35% of the people rated both the sugar-reduced as the calorie-reduced ice creams as a standard ice cream. This shows that the taste of both ice creams was as good as a full sugar ice cream. In many cases, remarks of disbelief were noted when the true identity of both ice creams was revealed. Moreover, in less than 3% of the cases remarks were made about after-tastes that are normally associated with products that contain stevia.

With these results, Sensus demonstrates that with inulin sugar- or calorie-reduced ice-creams that taste great are possible.


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