Chicory root fiber snack bars increase number of bifidobacteria

November 2, 2020

Despite the current dietary fiber recommendations, there is a substantial shortfall in fiber consumption in developed countries called the dietary “fiber gap”. The addition of fiber into snack foods may favorably impact the gut microbiome and help individuals reach the recommended levels. Therefore, a human study was performed to examine the effect of low and moderate dose fiber-containing snack bars comprising mainly chicory root fiber, on gut microbiota composition using modern technologies in adults with low dietary fiber intake.

The study was led by Prof Raylene Reimer at the University of Calgary. Other aspects were also studied, such as gastrointestinal symptoms, dietary intake and quality of life. The study showed that addition of chicory root fiber at low to moderate doses ...

Download the summary of this study about the effect of chicory inulin containing snack bars on gut microbiota.

Or read the article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition here.

Download the summary:

Chicory root fiber snack bars increase number of bifidobacteria

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