25 years chicory root fiber factory Sensus Zwolle

May 13, 2024

This week Sensus Zwolle will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Frans Franssen and Martin van Slooten, now seasoned employees at Sensus Zwolle, look back on their valuable commitment to the company with a broad smile and reflect on the company's 25th anniversary. Frans joined the team in 2008, while Martin started his career in 2016.

The company, which produces natural fibers from the chicory root, contributes to a healthier world in a wide range of foods, including bread & pastries, dairy, baby food, breakfast cereals and nutritional bars.

Rich history

Frans is the plant manager of the factory and Martin has been head of production and process support at Sensus for a year and a half. The history of the location on the Gasthuisdijk is rich. The factory used to be a Coberco milk powder factory before it became a production location for Sensus. “That legacy still lives on,” says Martin and Frans. “The stickers for sweet buttermilk tanks, thick milk tanks, chamber tanks, milk silos and the like are still on the tanks today. A charming detail that we have never removed.” There are also some employees who already worked for Coberco before joining Sensus. “We will celebrate someone's fiftieth anniversary with the company shortly. That is very special,” says Martin proudly.

Special factory thanks to a unique product

The transition from milk powder to chicory root fiber factory was not without challenges. “It was really pioneering,” laughs Frans. “The manufacturing of inulin powder in the early days had ups and downs. I've seen pictures of very challenging situations..." laughs Frans. Over the years, Sensus Zwolle has developed significantly into the high-quality producer of natural fiber powder it is today. “The production process, transport and optimal expansion of the factory; we have progressed immensely,” said Martin. “It's inspiring to see how we continue to grow and learn.”

“We continue to learn every day. There are always new opportunities and new chances to develop”

Proud of everyone
With a close-knit group of approximately fifty employees, Frans and Martin are proud of what they have achieved and of the product the team makes. “We continue to learn every day. There are always new opportunities and new chances to develop,” Martin explains.

Sensus' success has been recognized with several awards, including the TPM Excellence Award in Japan. “We were awarded it during the COVID period, and it is still there. Maybe it’s time to go there and pick it up," the gentlemen joke.

Left Frans Franssen, right Martin van Slooten of Sensus Zwolle

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