Sensus at FIC in Shanghai 2017

Sensus will be present at the FIC in Shanghai, 24-26 March 2017. Visit our booth in hall 5.1 L20/M21.

The Food Ingredients China is the largest and most authoritative international show on food additives & ingredients industry in Asia. The event attracts visitors from around the world. Sensus will be there with a booth to inspire customers with inulin.

Read more on the FIC website or click here for free registration.

European regulatory update in nutritional labelling

As per 13 December 2016 the EU regulation 1169/2011 on food information to consumers will change. Chicory root fibers like Frutafit® inulin and Frutalose® oligofructose will be labelled under fiber and no longer under carbohydrates.

Definitions of carbohydrates and fiber will change for labelling purposes. For more information click here here for the Sensus Regulatory Update.

Inulin to improve infant health

Good nutrition in the first 1000 days between a mother’s pregnancy and the child’s second birthday sets the foundation for the rest of a child’s life.

A panel of international nutrition experts reviewed knowledge on inulin in the first 1000 days of life and the pregnant mother. The specialist workshop, held in Jakarta, especially gave attention to needs of young children in the Asian region, and provides valuable recommendations for future research to improve health using prebiotics. Click here to read more and download the leaflet.

Sensus co-petition FDA for fiber status

We have submitted a joint citizen petition to urge the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to include chicory root fiber in its new ‘dietary fiber’ label in foods.

Click here for the Sensus FDA Regulatory update on Citizen’s Petition process


In 2016 the FDA published changes to the US Nutrition Facts labeling regulations that apply right across the food and supplement sectors. New rules, which will take effect as from July 2018, include a new definition for dietary fiber as naturally occurring fibers that are intrinsic and intact in plants, or as isolated or synthetic fibers that have demonstrated a beneficial physiological effect.

Until now, FDA has evaluated certain ingredients and awarded dietary fiber status to just a few, but chicory root fiber is still under review. The citizen’s petition submitted by Sensus requests the addition of chicory root fiber to the list of dietary fiber accepted in the US on the basis of a wealth of data showing the beneficial physiological effects of this naturally-sourced ingredient.

In Europe, scientific evidence jointly submitted to the EU’s European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) by Sensus and other chicory root fiber manufacturers prompted approval of an EU health claim for chicory root fiber in July 2016. The citizen petition to the FDA aims to support the authority in its mammoth task of assessing the dietary fiber status of a wider range of ingredients, speed the process of classification, and help manufacturers who use, or would like to use chicory root fiber in their food and beverage products.

Click here to read more about sugar reduction in the USA and download the leaflet

22-24 November Food Matters Live in London

From 22-24 November 2016 Food Matters Live was held in London. Sensus was there to share ideas about sugar reduction and the blood glucose health claim.


This is an annual event which tackles one of the most important challenges of our time: the relationship between food, health and nutrition. For the third time, Sensus will be present at this international fair for the food industry.

AACCI Annual Meeting 23-26 October, USA

The AACCI there was an Annual congress of the American Cereal Chemists and will be held in Savannah, Georgia from 23-26 October, 2016. Sensus was there and Matthew de Roode, innovation manager at Sensus, gave a presentation about iCRF, insoluble chicory root fiber.


The AACCIis the place to learn, collaborate, and innovate with the best and the brightest in the grain-based foods industry! This targeted event draws a world-wide audience of more than 1,100 from industry, academia, and government each year. Click here for more information

It's official: EU health claim Glycemic Response

June 2016 - A new EU regulation on health claims for non-digestible carbohydrates in improving Glycemic Response has now been made official. The new legislation was passed by the EU Commission on May 30th 2016. Scientific evidence submitted to the EFSA prompted the change in regulation. Read more

Sensus at FiA Jakarta, 21-23 September

From 21- 23 September 2016 the Food Ingredients Asia will be held in Jakarta - Indonesia. Fi Asia brings together leading international and domestic food and beverage professionals from all over the world. Over 17,000 visitors are expected in 2016, making Fi Asia the region's most prominent food and beverage event.

Meet the Sensus team at booth Hall 3, R1-2 to share ideas about sugar reduction and digestive health.

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Presentation sweetness with Stevia in Lausanne

Sensus gave a presentation at the 4th International Conference on Food Oral Processing in Lausanne, Switzerland. Matthew de Roode, Sensus Innovation Manager delivered insights in the trade offs with the 'Sensus Sweetness Tool'.

A massive introduction of stevia as the “new-kid-on-the-block” as a natural high intensity sweetener is still hindered by the off taste of stevia. Chicory root fiber is successfully tested on their taste modulation performance of high intensive sweeteners in general and stevia in particular. With the 'Sensus Sweetness Tool' we enable our customers to get insight in their trade-offs when reducing sugar. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Sensus was at IFT 2016 in Chicago

Sensus America was at the IFT trade show in Chicago in the USA, July 16-19, 2016. 

What's new?

  • Sensus America has entered into an agreement to produce organic inulin, sourced from agave. Frutafit® OAI allows manufactures to increase the level of dietary fiber in their products without negatively affecting taste and texture. The product is easy to formulate with and is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. Frutafit® OAI is certified USDA organic and will help meet demand in the growing organic market.

Sensus at FIC in Shanghai 2016

Sensus was at the FIC in Shanghai, 23-25 March 2016. The Food Ingredients China is the largest and most authoritative international show on food additives & ingredients industry in Asia. The event attracts visitors from around the world. Sensus was there with a booth to inspire customers with inulin.

Great show FIE 2015 in Paris

The Food Ingredients Europe was held 1-3 December 2015 in Paris. It was a great opportunity to taste a sugar reduced and calorie reduced ice cream. Furthermore Michiel Pronk, technical sales manager at Sensus, gave a presentation about tasty, sugar reduced products with inulin. Missed the presentation or for other questions, please contact


Presentation at the Dietary Fibre Conference 1-3 June 2015

The 6th International Dietary Fibre Conference took place in Paris from 1-3 June 2015. Sensus presented a poster with the title “The interaction of dietary fibres with the immune system as measured in vitro: the example of inulin” by D. Meyer, L. Vogt and P. de Vos.


The interaction of inulin with the immune system can take place at different levels and so far most attention has been given to the consequences of the changes in microbiota and its activity due to inulin consumption. Fermentation products, like short chain fatty acids, may interact with G protein coupled receptors which affects the production of cytokines, bifidobacteria may produce bacteriocins and other products inhibiting growth of potential pathogens, all leading to an improved performance of the immune system. This may for instance lead to a lowered risk for travellers’ diarrhoea with oligofructose consumption. Direct interaction of inulin with the immune system has been suggested, but so far data are limited. This prompted us to carry out in vitro studies with human peripheral mononuclear cells to gain more insight in these potential direct effects. These studies showed that such direct interaction can take place, which receptors are involved, what the consequences are for the production of important pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines and moreover, how the chain length of the inulins influences these effects. With another in vitro system we could show that the barrier function of human intestinal cells can be protected by the activation of the same receptors by inulin.

These data suggest that also direct interaction of inulin with the human immune system could lead to immune modulation with potentially beneficial effects for the host. Final evidence for this requires additional trials with human volunteers.

The Netherlands

Winner of the 2014 Integron Customer Experience Award

Sensus named the best performing organization in the Trade & Industry category.


In 2014 Integron surveyed Sensus’ customers to find out how they felt about our customer service, account management and the quality of our product and services.

We were surprised and delighted with an overall satisfaction score of 8,5! Our customers notably appreciated our customer focus, product knowledge and the professionalism and enthusiasm of our staff.

Of course, the survey also surfaced opportunities for improvement. We are working hard to address these points with the goal of maintaining high customer satisfaction and ensuring that our customers appreciate our organization, products and services even more in future! 

Integron is a leading research company in customer satisfaction and carries out hundreds of customer satisfaction surveys each year.


Sensus was at FIC 2015 in Shanghai

The Food Ingredients China is the largest and most authoritative international show on food additives & ingredients industry in Asia. The event attracts visitors from around the world. Sensus was there to inspire customers with inulin.


Sensus was at Prosweets 2015 and participated in a speaking session about natural ingredients

From 1-4 February 2015 Prosweets was held in Cologne, Germany. For the first time, Sensus was present at this international fair for the confectionery industry.


Besides giving visitors information about inulin, Sensus participated in a speaking session about natural ingredients. Knowledge was given about sugar substitution in a natural way. It was a great success. Visitors tasted some of our sugar-reduced applications to get inspired by the possibilities of inulin. 

The Netherlands

Visitors HIE 2014 love the great taste of inulin sugar- and calorie-reduced ice cream

The Health Ingredients Europe was held December 2-4 2014 in Amsterdam. Sensus was present with a booth.  This was a great opportunity for a sensory test on sugar-reduced ice cream (with inulin) and calorie-reduced ice cream (with inulin and stevia).  


An overwhelming amount of 391 visitors participated in our sensory test. Two ice creams were presented for tasting and a preference was asked. Both ice creams were found equally good by our visitors. In follow-up questions our spontaneous sensory panel was asked to guess if they tasted a standard ice cream, a sugar-reduced ice cream, a fat-reduced ice cream, a sugar- and fat-reduced ice cream, or something else. In addition, our visitor panel was given the opportunity to note down spontaneous remarks.

A significant number of over 35% of the people rated both the sugar-reduced as the calorie-reduced ice creams as a standard ice cream. This shows that the taste of both ice creams was as good as a full sugar ice cream. In many cases, remarks of disbelief were noted when the true identity of both ice creams was revealed. Moreover, in less than 3% of the cases remarks were made about after-tastes that are normally associated with products that contain stevia.

With these results, Sensus demonstrates that with inulin sugar- or calorie-reduced ice-creams that taste great are possible.

The Netherlands

Sensus boosts its commitment to human health

In October 2014, senior scientist Elaine Vaughan joined the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs department of Sensus, building on previous pioneering research on inulin applied to human health. 


Elaine has extensive experience and knowledge from both academic and industry settings with prebiotics, including experiments with inulin, probiotics and other food ingredients that impact our health via our intestinal microbiota. She has in-depth understanding on molecular ecology approaches for studying human and infant gut flora that she has applied in human interventions with prebiotics and other food ingredients. According to Elaine, our human microbiome is currently being unraveled by the revolutionary advances in next-generation DNA sequencing; this will ultimately allow the prediction of future disease states (e.g., type 2 diabetes) in humans. This will in turn stimulate the manufacture of foods that prevent the disease by promoting the correct gut microbiomic and metabolic profiles.

The team will pursue in-depth research in the field of prebiotics for our worldwide customers, and especially for the so far elusive gut health benefit. Prior research has shown beneficial effects of inulin on gut health but translation to perceivable consumer benefits appears to be lacking and no European health claims have yet been approved by the European Food Safety Authority. Thus more research in this area is essential so that a health claim related to this topic, and others, may be applied for in the future.

The Netherlands

Consumers prefer enriched food over food supplements

On September 25 2014, Sensus attend the symposium ‘Dagelijkse Kost voor 65+’ that presented the findings of a study about everyday food consumption and the food habits of people aged 65 plus. 


One of the key takeaways was that nutritional needs change with age; for example, this population must increase its intake of fiber and calcium. The study concluded that the majority (62%) of Belgian elderly consumers prefers enriched food over food supplements to address their changed nutritional needs.

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