Taste & texture

Being able to replicate the functionalities of sugar as both a sweetener and as an water binder makes replacing sugar with chicory root fiber, i.e. inulin and oligofructose, extremely simple. For the vast majority of applications, sugar can be replaced 1:1 with inulin replicating the water binding and flavor enhancement functionalities completely and supplying as much as 60% of the sweetness of sugar, depending upon the inulin or oligofructose used.

Chicory inulin has a neutral to sweet taste but it can also work as a flavor enhancer. In fact there is a synergetic effect between Frutafit® and Frutalose® and high-intensity sweeteners (HIS), raising the sweetness of food products that feature both inulin or oligofructose and a HIS. Moreover, Frutafit® and Frutalose® can also mask the aftertaste of these sweeteners.

Inulin builds texture and provides a creamy mouthfeel to products such as low-fat yoghurt, spreads and fillings.