Inulin proven effects on reducing glycemic response

Food Manufacturers: Stem the Tide of Rising Diabetes Rates

Increasing studies support the importance of a reduced glycemic response within our diet contributing, amongst others, to potentially lower the incidence of type 2 diabetes. A new EU regulation on health claims for non-digestible carbohydrates in improving Glycemic Response has been made official in May 2016

Food industry can now satisfy consumer need by developing products with chicory root fiber that reduce glycemic response and lower sugar content so also reducing the caloric intake, and that taste as good as the original foods.

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The key is to develop tasty products with lower sugar content and with a minor impact on blood sugar levels (low GR). Now that the claim has been approved, food manufacturers have the opportunity to communicate general health-related claims on products made with chicory root fiber, such as “Keeping your blood sugar low” or “More balanced blood glucose rise”.


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