First 1000 days of life

Inulin contributes to better health, right from the start. Inulin, a prebiotic chicory root fructan, applied in infant foods can selectively stimulate the beneficial intestinal bifidobacteria and thereby improve infant health.

A panel of international nutrition experts brought together by Sensus reviewed knowledge on chicory fructans in the first 1000 days of life including the latest research findings in infant gut microbiome development, health benefits from infant to child, and malnutrition in young children and pregnant mothers in developing and developed countries.

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Today's new molecular technologies applied to study gut microbiome development confirm the bifidogenic effect due to chicory fructans in children consuming supplemented formulae or solid foods.

This effect is associated with softer stools,mimicking the effects of prebiotics in human milk, besides increased acetate and lower pH which may support enhanced resistance to disease. Moreover there are promising effects for immunity as well as improved absorption of minerals.

Read more in the published review article on Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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