Chicory root fiber for gluten-free applications

New research underscores the potential for bakers and cereals processors to vastly boost their gluten-free sales in a market hungry for innovation and value.

The Technavio report findings are the latest to predict strong growth in the global gluten-free market, with an expected CAGR of 12% by 2021. Using added-value ingredients like inulin in these applications further boosts their appeal and presents huge growth opportunities for brand owners.

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Consumers who eat gluten-free products often buy them for reasons other than gluten allergy or sensitivity. Gluten avoidance has become an important consumer strategy to improve digestive wellness.

Chicory root fiber is a natural, prebiotic fiber, which is sourced from natural chicory roots. In the development of gluten-free food products, including bread, sweet baked products and pasta, chicory root fiber can also offer significant product quality benefits in this technically challenging sector.

As well as improving the nutritonal profile of gluten-free products, by increasing the fiber content and bringing the opportunity to reduce added sugar and fat thanks to its natural sweetness, chicory root fiber can:

  • contribute to the texture of gluten-free flour-based products.
  • improve the appearance of gluten-free bakery products.
  • improve the sensory profile in terms of moistness and perception of sweetness.

Gluten-free food products are difficult to perfect and tend to be dry. In tests we found that combining Frutafit® inulin with potato protein in gluten-free bread recipes contributed to the stability of the dough, the volume of the baked bread and softness and tenderness of the final product. When added to gluten-free muffin mix, Frutafit® inulin improved muffin structure and color and enhanced the perception of sweetness, moistness and ‘stickiness’. And extrusion could be optimized by varying the type of Frutafit® inulin used in gluten-free pasta dough.

Chicory root fiber is a clean label ingredient, which offers extra appeal for manufacturers in developing gluten-free products for consumers with even broader health awareness. A health claim, recently approved by the European Commission, which confirms that chicory root fiber lowers the impact on blood sugar levels.




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