Betawell® from beet root

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The development of food ingredients for a healthy diet to prevent further increase of obesity and diabetes numbers has Sensus top priority. Lowering the glycemic response of the human diet is quickly gaining attraction amongst scientists and well-informed consumers. Betawell® L-Arabinose can play an important role in the management of blood glucose and insulin levels related to sucrose intake. The addition of Betawell® L-Arabinose to a sugar containing diet has the following direct benefits:

  • Reduction of the glucose peak level related to sucrose consumption by a maximum of 80%.
  • Suppression of the insulin peak level related to sucrose consumption by a maximum of 80%.
  • A sustained release of glucose to the body over a longer period of time.

A low glycaemic diet may have benefits like reduction of heart disease, lowering of blood cholesterol, management of body weight and composition, prevention of type II Diabetes and improvement of Diabetes prevention. A low insulinic diet may lead to lower fat storage and prevention of pre-diabetes incidence. A sustained glucose release over a longer period of time has advantages for athletics and other groups of people that prefer the advantages of sustained energy.

Betawell® L-Arabinose is a natural product that is extracted in a mild process from sugar beets. The production process maintains the natural character of the product and the source material is 100% GMO-free and from vegetable origin. Betawell® L-Arabinose can also be labeled as beet root extract.

The addition of Betawell® L-Arabinose to a sucrose containing diet maintains all advantages of sucrose while strongly reducing the impact of sucrose consumption on the human body. The relatively small dosage and nice taste profile of Betawell® L-Arabinose make it easy to implement in existing formulations.


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