2020 the year of inulin

New Nutrition Business presented the 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health for 2020. The analysis report gives insights into the strategies companies are following in order to connect the trends. Included in the analysis are the shifts in consumer beliefs, scientific changes, risk and opportunities. The 4 identified mega trends are Snackification, Naturally Functional, Fragmentation and Sustainability.

The 10 Key Trends are listed below:

Key Trend 1: Digestive Wellness
Key Trend 2: Good carbs, bad carbs
Key Trend 3: Plant-based
Key Trend 4: Sugar
Key Trend 5: Protein
Key Trend 6: Fat reborn
Key Trend 7: Meat reimagined
Key Trend 8: Provenance & Authenticity
Key Trend 9: Energy 2.0
Key Trend 10: Mood

Inulin in the spotlight

New Nutrition Business highlights inulin as the ingredient for 2020. With digestive benefits, benefits related to diabetes and weight management, and studies showing improved calcium absorption, inulin is a globally used ingredient to replace sugar, to boost fiber content and to substitute fat, humectant, thickening or binding agent. The number of product launches with inulin as ingredient is growing steadily each year. Furthermore, the inulin market is assumed to be at $350 million by 2024, with 3.6% CAGR.




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