TV programme: no added sugar cake with oligofructose

‘Food Unwrapped’ is a British television series on food and science that is broadcast by the UK’s Channel 4.  Presented by Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut, the programme travels the world to explore what's really in the food we eat. As one of the UK’s top 10 food and drinks’ TV programmes, it attracts more than one million viewers.

In this episode – the Food Unwrapped Diet Special, which was first broadcast in January - the presenters discover the possibility of creating tasty, no added sugar bakery products using Sensus oligofructose, also called ‘chicory root fibre’. This clip shows their quest to bake a tasty diet cake.

Most people immediately think of artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, when they think of no added sugar food products. Artificial sweeteners cannot always be used in baking, because of texture issues, as demonstrated in this programme. However, alternatives, like chicory root fibre, make sugar reduction possible in these applications.

The presenters tried using Sensus oligofructose -a low calorie, soluble dietary fibre that is sourced from chicory roots. This ingredient carries the advantage that it is natural and can be used in baking in powder form. The cake club was amazed that a delicious, no added sugar cake could be made with chicory root fibre.  


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