Ice cream

Ice cream has never lost its popularity as a dessert or a refreshing indulgence yet the health-based consumer trend towards low-fat products creates challenges for ice cream makers. Even established brands are now offering low-fat versions of their products.

Inulin can successfully replace sugar and fat in ice cream, resulting in a high-quality, ‘guilt-free’ product. It also enables manufacturers to make claims such as ‘low fat’, ‘low sugar’ or ‘low in calories’. Inulin gives ice cream – even low-fat versions – a creamy mouthfeel. It also makes ice cream melt homogenously and improves its heat-shock stability. Moreover, inulin can be used as a sugar replacement in sorbets and frozen desserts.

Imagine your new tasty, low-calorie ice cream.

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New and innovative uses for inulin are constantly being found. Contact Sensus to learn about possibilities for your specific application.


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