Healthcare nutrition

Dietary supplements, tablets, medical nutrition and meal replacers are examples of healthcare nutrition products. Healthcare nutrition products can easily be enriched with inulin, which is an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber.

Inulin and oligofructose are bifidogenic ingredients and thus can contribute to a healthy gut microbiota. The soluble dietary fibers are fermented to short chain fatty acids which are an important energy source for especially the colon and the body.

Inulin has proven effects on glycemic response thereby promoting healthy blood glucose and supports diets for diabetics. Interestingly, inulin and oligofructose have been shown to modulate hormones which may play a role in  satiety. The low caloric value of these ingredients enables you to develop weight management products. Thus, inulin and oligofructose can play a role in management of metabolic syndrome where blood sugar levels and overweight are two key issues.

Inulin’s high bonding capacity makes it an interesting filler-binder for direct compaction tabletting. Because are colorless and have a neutral to sweet taste, they can be used in these products without affecting the appearance, texture or flavor.

Imagine your products featuring a ‘reduced sugar and/or fat’ or ‘fiber-enriched’ claim.


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