Dairy products – including drinking yoghurts and cultured liquid milk, spoonable yoghurt, cheese, and flavored milk – have always been associated with health. It is also one of the biggest segments for functional foods. And consumers increasingly see functional products as an essential part of a well-balanced, enjoyable diet.

Inulin and oligofructose can be used for both nutritional and technological functionality. In fact, inulin and oligofructose are among the most widely proven prebiotic fibers available, providing soluble dietary fiber. Plus, inulin can be used as a texturizer and as a sugar and fat replacer.

No fat or reduced fat has become the standard for spoonable yoghurt. Yoghurts and drinking yoghurts are a growing area of application and one in which prebiotics feature highly. In yoghurts containing fruit, inulin and oligofructose are often added via the fruit preparation.

Imagine improving the texture and mouthfeel of your dairy product while contributing to digestive health and weight management.

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