Sustainable and responsible

Sensus believes firmly in corporate social responsibility. As producer of inulin, a prebiotic dietary fiber, we make an appreciable contribution to society by providing ingredients for healthier food products. Therefore, we continue to invest in research that will support healthier nutrition with inulin.

The root of the chicory plant is the natural source of our inulin. Grown on crop rotation schedules, according to good agricultural practices common in the Northwestern part of Europe, the chicory crop contributes to biodiversity. Integrated weed management is part of the cultivation. The chicory plant has a relatively low fertilization need, and pest management is hardly needed. Water is mostly supplied by natural rainfall. Together with our growers we have evaluation programmes in place to improve the crop and cultivation on a continuous basis.

In our production process we use sustainable water and energy and have reduced our energy consumption considerably in recent years. We maintain an active sustainability programme and continue to look for improvements like in our carbon footprint. Furthermore Sensus exercises responsibility toward its workforce, providing employees with a safe, pleasant working environment – a responsibility that also extends to our suppliers.

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