Research & Innovation

Chicory inulin benefits consumer health and moreover has characteristics that can improve the technical properties of the food. In order to demonstrate this and inspire food manufacturers, extensive research has been conducted by Sensus into the nutritional and technical properties of chicory inulin.

The data we generate is used to support our customers in developing healthy, great-tasting products by tapping into the unique features of Frutafit® and Frutalose®. Moreover, the scientific data about the health benefits of these ingredients are the essential basis for the approval of health claims.

Cosun Innovation Centre

Processing food ingredients industrially requires specialist knowledge. Royal Cosun has its own R&D research facility. The Cosun Innovation Centre is an important partner for our research work, especially for research around our product and process development. Technical research includes taste and texture profiling and investigating synergy with high intensity sweeteners.

Scientifically proven health benefits

Our research efforts with Frutafit® inulin and Frutalose® oligofructose include the impact of chicory inulin on digestive health of adults, infant nutrition and the bifidogenic effect, improved mineral bioavailability, immunity, metabolic health such as reducing glycemic response and satiation aspects. In 2016 the blood glucose health claim is officially approved by EU Commission.

High level research network

We work with a global network of high-level research organizations, universities and academic medical centers such as Wageningen University and University of Florida, along with national and international research networks. To inspire customers, Sensus also conducts consumer research in countries all over the world and places high priority on collaboration with customers.


In addition to researching the health benefits and technological properties of chicory inulin, Sensus also continues to invest in improving our raw material yields, consistency, and sustainability. As partner of the CHIC project we are involved in the development and application of New Plant Breeding Techniques for chicory as a multipurpose crop. As we are determined to contribute to a better environment, we are constantly looking for and evaluating process improvement technologies as we strive for carbon neutral processing. Additionally we want to make the most out of our crops and are therefore always investigating the functional properties of chicory inulin.

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